Centennial High School Parent Project Class of May 2007

  • "I really feel like we're learning methods that are effective and applicable if we are willing to try."
  • "The materials we are learning are things like real life experiences."
  • "The material is opening my eyes to ways I have been doing things wrong."
  • "These four people work well together to supply us parents with stuff we never thought of.  It's always a treat to come Thursday and see these smiling faces."


Good morning,

I would like to share further the power of this class after attending Class 2 last night. First, we increased our attendance! And, the same parents came back. That alone was testimony of how they had felt helped and supported from the first class.

Next... who would think that you could teach a parent how they could not have any more arguments with their children!? Yet, those are the exact tools they were given last night. Once again, the "ah ha" moments filled the room. However, that ended up being the gravy.

Next topic was... the signs of suicide for parents to learn. One parent who had been actively participating in reading and discussion... grew silent. As her face was turned slightly away from me, facing toward the facilitating counselors up front, I couldn't see what had happened. I did, however, observe the changed look on their faces. The parent then looked down and the next thing I saw was her wiping tears from her face. She looked up and said, Those signs are exactly what has been happening in our home for the last week or so. She also said that she had mentioned the strange behavior to her husband... but, they had no clue this could be a potential sign. We all felt her pain.

The response was excellent from the Staff. They all pulled together, gave her a plan and a promise of action for today to provide the family help.

While getting ready for work this morning, I couldn't help but think how I had witnessed a perfect commercial that would so accurately apply to this program:

Price of the dinner? $2.00
Price of the manual? $22.00
Price of possibly saving a child's life? Priceless.

I'm sure you can see just how valuable this class was... for everyone in that room.

Thank You for this wonderful and much needed class. I hope more teachers will get the opportunity to participate in this class in order to share heartfelt enthusiasm with the parents of their students.

Michelle Jaquette, Teen Advocate
K.C.S.O.S. - Career Plus! Center

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